Anonymous said: Hey so people have probably already asked and I'm too lazy to read it haha, but how did the two of you meet?

my beautiful boy is gone.  it’s just me now.  we met in a park…

learnfromurpast said: hahaha you and bryn have become tumblr famous! I miss you guys and glad we got to hang out this past weekend. and its about time you got back on this shit. love you and miss you best frandddd <3

I love this kid. ^ :)

youneedtoboogonce said: Thanks for introducing me to Tumblr.

your welcome!?

Anonymous said: you havent posted anything for aaages !! :(

i promiseeeeeeeee im gonna start getting back on!

Anonymous said: Yourrr cute, just saying(:

:P thats always nice to hear haha

Anonymous said: Holden, you and Bryn are adorable. My fella and I have recently celebrated our 16th anniversary, and while the lines on the foreheads have deepened and the abs aren't so fantastic anymore, I still adore him, and love him more than anything else in the world. I wish you both the same happiness that we have found together, because you deserve it, buddy, even if you think you don't.

thats so great to hear! im proud of you and hope i can mimic your actions one day!

Anonymous said: you && your boyfriend are tooo cute ;) you are the luckiest guys in the world to have each other.

aww i know :D

Anonymous said: Oh my god! You and your boyfriend are so so cute, by far my favorite couple on fuck yeah gay couples, both of you are friggin gorgeous is every photo you've put up of you guys :)

:P ha, youre so sweet!

Anonymous said: I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, too and he keeps getting stressed about little things in our relationship and it bothers me that I can't be there to comfort him. Last night we had a fight and he said he couldn't do it anymore. I begged him and reminded him that we're in love and he didn't say anything for a while then I got a text that just said, "Night." So in the morning, he texted me and everything seems back to normal. I just hate not being able to be with him. I'm seriously considering moving so we can be together. He's my soulmate, my other half. He's perfect and I've never loved somebody like this before. He's told me all of this, too. There's only so much we can do by texting, calling, and Skype. We only get to see each other a few days out of the month. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. How do you deal with it?

time. focus on the word. what is it to you? how valuable is it?  what matters most? if there’s a definite answer to all of those questions, then there’s an easy answer to your problem.

bloodbronze said: You and your boyfriend are beautiful ... Good luck to both .... I am with my boyfriend for 2 years .... I wish you many years together

:) thanks

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